The Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta (SCFOA) is a volunteer-based organization in Alberta dedicated to creating awareness about the sickle cell disease and to providing services to sickle cell patients. SCFOA was founded in 2001 by Dr Ekua Yorke and  Dr Jojo Yorke.  Sickle Cell Disease is one of the most common childhood-onset, single-gene disorder. Our mission is to help sickle cell patients deal with their condition, supporting them to achieve improved quality of life and well-being and attaining their full potential. The users of our services range from infants to adults. Some of the group are themselves the patients while others users are parents, family members and health care providers. 

  • ​As a support group we provide the most recent scientific information to patients, provide comfort, teach coping skills, help reduce anxiety, and provide a place for people to share common concerns and emotional support.
  • ​We organize education events for patients and medical personnel
  • Liaise with health care professionals to ensure distribution of information about the disorder and its  treatment;
  • Organize annual Education Days in Collaboration with the Doctor John Akabutu Centre for Bleeding Disorders at the University of Alberta Hospital and Foothills Hospital in Calgary.
  • Support group: A program of encouraging people to live a great life despite sickle cell disease. This involve patient education: we develop a series of patient education, support group activities, pairing and mentoring and finding role models for patients. It also involve learning activities that will enhance self-esteem such as paying for cost of music lessons for patient.  Normally sickle cell patients are not able to participate in physical activities. Organize summer camps to provide support for children who have sickle cell disease.
  • Fund Research. We are keen to sponsor research into the management of Sickle cell disease in Alberta. Most scientists will only conduct research info fields where there is funding.
  • Mentorship Program : The Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta recognizes that young adults living with Sickle Cell Disease need the opportunity to communicate and get advice from older adults living with Sickle Cell. We have met this need by establishing the Mentorship Program. Mentors are volunteers that provide practical advice and support to their mentee based on their experiences of living with Sickle Cell as an adult. 
  • SCD Trait Testing / Genetic Counseling : People who inherit one sickle cell gene and one normal gene have sickle cell trait (SCT). People with SCT usually do not have any of the symptoms of sickle cell disease (SCD), but they can pass the trait on to their children.
  • Sickle Cell Summer Camp an activity children

Our Directors
Michelle Patterson-Nipp
Jean Walrond Ph.D. 
Kalé Vizor

Bernice Asiedu-Ampem
Abisola Ojikutu
Revée Agyepong

Michel Ngatcha

Maya Daniel

Theo Ehiwe

Dr. Carlyle Ross
Dr Bruce Ritchie
Dr. Bob Turner

Our Contact

Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta
PO Box 55041,
1704 Mill Woods Rd South  NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6K 4C5 Canada
Tel: 780-577-1486