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Sickle Cell Video

 Educational video for parents, patients, schoolteachers and school nurses 
•Sickle Cell Facts for Teachers and School Nurses

"The Family Legacy" - a drama about sickle cell

The Family Legacy part2



October 14,  2015  CBC Radio 

Allan Platt of Emory University, Atlanta and the president of SCFOA, Michelle Nipp appeared on CBC’s
Radio Active with Portia Clarke. To listen to this program click

Diversity Magazine

The magazine did a feature article on Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta.  Read more

The Edmonton Examiner

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta holds educational event in support of United Nations-founded commemorative day
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guide to School Policy on Sickle Cell, based on research conducted here in the UK. The guide is an open education document (CC-BY-SA, some rights reserved) which means that it can be printed and distributed freely and placed on a  web-site without charge. It can also be used and adapted, for example to the context of your city.

Simon Dyson   Professor of Applied Sociology De Montfort University
Leicester UK

Parent’s guide to managing sickle cell disease